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I’m Aruna, a psychology grad turned language and culture guru. I specialize in bringing the world closer by teaching Mandarin, French, and German.

My passion? I guide hundreds in mastering these languages, unlocking new opportunities and understanding.

But that’s not all—I’m also a trainer in business culture – whether it’s for French elegance, German precision, or Mandarin harmony, I design workshops that transform corporate teams, making them more united and effective.

A highlight? My training session at Valeo, where I bridged Chinese culture, foster understanding Chinese Business Culture among diverse professionals.

For those looking for a custom-based course, I teach one-on-one sessions tailored to individual professional and personal growth needs. Leveraging my psychology background, these courses are crafted to empower in career as well as the globalized market space.

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"Customized Language Programs for Professionals from Prestigious Companies: Your Personal Pathway to Linguistic Excellence"


  • Dear Polyglot, thank you for your hard work in supporting Nishant as he develops. Your patience and commitment to supporting him has mean a lot to us. With your guidance, he has developed a good interest in learning different foreign languages. You and you only made him to develop to the stage where he is now. It is 100% true as we are helpless in this learning. Thank you for being such an important part in my son's development. Teachers require so many positive qualities like care, compassion, patience and commitment. You have all these qualities in abundance. Thank you once again.

    . Nishant - Learns Japanese and German for 2 years

  • I am Bala Varshini. I am a passed out commerce graduate. I am learning french for 6 to 8 months. My mam is good teacher. She teaches with a passion and she explains the lessons fanstastic. When there is a doubt she explains very clearly, only then she move on to the next part. French is very useful for me. I can understand and love to learn a new language. So I can also become multilinguistic.

    Bala Varshini

  • I have been studying German for some time now with Aruna, a wonderful and enthusiastic person. Im in US, Connecticut. I am an software engineer. Aruna has a very great passion about languages and she conducts classes with enthusiasm. She explains things well and makes references and comparisons with other languages that helped me to learn a new language quickly from the scratch. I like the lessons and it is organized so well and my learning is progressing well. After every lesson, she gives me homework and we discuss the homework in the next session. The homework and the lessons is enabling me to understand, express and speak in sentences in the new language. This is my first experience of studying via Zoom and I am very satisfied with it. Her flexibility with the schedule makes it easy for me.

    Ganesh software engineer in Connecticut

  • Im a fashion designer, learnt Chinese HSK1 and HSK2 in chinesefrench.com via zoom. The classes are good and easy to grasp the grammar. Aruna uses different books along with the globalised syllabus. She gives grammar exercises for practice and speaking session is also a must to do activity in her course. The classes are customised according to my hectic schedules.

    Dheraviyam - Fashion Designer - Levi Jeans

  • It is clear that Haniya's French language skills have developed considerably while under your care. She comes to us after every class telling us stories about how fun it is to be in your classroom and how much she enjoys it. It has been such a pleasure watching her grow. We are well aware of the effort you put into each child in your class. Thank you for going above and beyond for our daughter.

    Haniya's - French language

  • I am Divya. I work as a consultant emergency physician. I got to know about Aruna Rajeshwari ma’am through a common forum. I joined her for learning french. For long I had a feeling of not taking up French as a second language in school, but after many years of school, I found a source to learn the language. Aruna ma’am is an inspiration to be a multilinguistic. She accepted me immediately after my initial enquiry. She made me very comfortable, always cleared my doubts and motivated me whenever I found it difficult to follow. She made learning a foreign language easier, is very flexible and dedicated. I look forward to my classes every week because of her. She tries to understand ur level of competence and understanding and customises the classes for you. She is multitalented. She teaches students of various age groups with ease and patience. A TO go teacher when you wanted to learn a foreign language. Always Proud to be her student.

    Dr. Divya

  • We are in Salem, my daughter is learning the toughest language in the world, that is Japanese. Initially, the pronunciation and letters looked tough, now she finished her basic course in Japanese. We are happy for our daughter, because she not only identifies the Japanese characters, some Kanji and also she could able to read simple sentences and she speaks simple Japanese using simple nouns with basic grammar. So she herself joined the second course with Aruna. The teaching methods are convenient. My daughter said that Japanese classes are fun and also she learnt cultural values of Japan. Aruna teaches Japanese with reference to Chinese.

    Hashini - learns Japanese

Client Says

Dr. Priyadharishini H.O.D

French Learner

Aruna ma’am’s Classes are great and interesting.
She makes the learning of a new language an enjoyable experience Learning new languages stimulates the brain n said to delay dementia She exhibits utmost patience in clearing our doubts . Feeling happy I joined in her class

Mr. Badri Krishnan K N

Mandarin/Chinese Learner

I have been learning Mandarin from Aruna Mam for about 4 months. She is extremely sincere, well planned and is very accommodating. She is very approachable and is very friendly. The occasional tests that she gives make the learning very interesting.
Mode of learning: Online

Mrs. Sonali Mohanty

German Learner

Mrs Aruna is excellent in german coaching.she is not money minded and she gives so much time to make you understand but by bit.She is very flexible to timings and very supportive.I learned till A2 and I am very fluent in a short span in time.I would recommend her for german language course.She is multi talented and teaches chinese/french and english as well.All thanks to her who make me learn german in a very short time.she guides for exams and makes you practice for exams bit by bit.Even in online classes she is just amazing.I will give 10/10 for her teaching. Thanks

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So, you think you are multilingual, eh? It takes hardly 5 to 10 min maximum to complete this language quiz. You have nothing to lose but a ton of prestige to gain. Let the games begin!

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Adult Course FAQ:

What are the languages are teaching in chinesefrench.com?

The languages are German, French, Chinese and Japanese.

What syllabus is being followed?

Adult courses are designed according to the CEFR syllabus recommended by Goethe/Alliance Français/ChineseHSK/JLPT exam.

Can you provide study materials?

We provide a few books (in pdf format). Other recommended books you have to buy from amazon.

Children Course FAQ:

What are the languages to learn in chinesefrench.com?

Your child can learn any one of the language – German, French, Chinese and Japanese.

Is there any recommended age to study the language course?

Yes definitely. Children above 10 years ONLY can enrol the language program.

Can my child learn Chinese?

Yes why not? Any child above 10 years old can learn Chinese, but we don’t rush up with Chinese characters.

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