About Me

I am a language enthusiast, (a bioinformatician in the past) and started to learn Hindi on my own at a young age and completed the advanced levels. This motivated me to learn more languages, then I learnt English language; after achieved advanced levels in English from British Council; my interests became crazy, so I started to learn two languages at a time – I learnt French and Chinese and later German and Japanese together. My proficiency with these languages are intermediate to advanced level with CEFR certification for European languages and HSK certified for Chinese.

Teaching and writing are my passion. I take great interest to explain grammar, phonetic, cultural values of each language, and also Chinese I explain on how to remember the stroke order for Hanzi characters in a fun and enjoyable way. I follow the CEFR syllabus, HSK syllabus.

Ms.Aruna Rajeswari, Founder – ChineseFrench at Xiamen University, Malaysia.