As we all know, French is the second most used international language after English. Have you ever wondered which famous celebrities speak can speak French fluently? Well, here is a shortlist of 7 non-French celebrities (mostly from cinema, music, sports, culinary, and politics) who can speak French fluently.

1) Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is currently one of the highest-paid actors in the world. When he was in college, he did a semester in Aix-en-Provence in France through a student exchange program. During that time, he immersed himself with the French language and the culture and continued to learn French, and became a Francophile. Right now, he speaks fluent French and his fluency and pronunciation are much appreciated by French speakers.

2) Justin Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau|Celebrity who can speak French
Justin Trudeau is the current Prime Minister of Canada and one of the popular figures worldwide in the stage of politics. Most people think that Canada is an English-speaking country but the fact is Canada is a bilingual country with both English and French as official languages. Most of the Canadian French speakers are in the Quebec province. Since Justin Trudeau is also from Quebec, he can speak French fluently.

3) Jose Mourinho

Jose Mourinho | Celebrity who can speak french
Jose Mourinho is one of the most celebrated and most successful football managers in the world having previously managed top clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham, etc. He is from Portugal and he can speak French fluently. He can speak six different languages – English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and Catalan.

4) Serena Williams

Serena Williams | Celebrities who can speak French fluently
Serena Williams, one of the most celebrated and decorated tennis players. Hailing from Florida, US, she learned to speak during her teenage days. She has spoken in French and has given interviews in French multiple times especially during the French Open and after winning the French Open (Roland- Garros).

5) Gordon Ramsey

Gordon Ramsey | Celebrities who can speak French
Gordon Ramsey is currently the top celebrity chef in the world and one of the richest chefs at present. He is from Scotland, UK. During his young age, Gordon spent a considerable amount of time in France and has worked under two Michelin star French Chefs – Guy Savoy and Joël Robuchon, during which he learned to speak French fluently.

6) Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp | Celebrity who can speak French

Johnny Depp is currently one of the biggest international movie stars, thanks to his Pirates of the Caribbean worldwide success. It is unclear how he learned to speak French but most sources say that he learned because his ex-wife is French and his two children are raised bilingually and in order to communicate with his kids, he learned French.

7) Mitt Romsey :

Mitt Romney
Mitt Romney who hails from Utah, United States is a Senator, former Governor, and the 2012 US Presidential candidate who lost to Barack Obama. He is currently one of the most experienced veteran politicians in the US. During the 1960s he spent around 2 years in France serving as a Christian Mormon missionary where he learned French. He speaks French very fluently.

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