Apprenons Le Francais French Textbook 01

Apprenons Le Francais French Textbook 01

Today We are to discover about this book: “Apprenons Le Francais” (Let’s Learn French) is a popular and widely used French language textbook series designed for beginners. The series consists of multiple levels, each of which is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of French language, culture, and grammar.

The reason why Indian schools may follow “Apprenons Le Francais” is that it is a comprehensive and well-structured textbook series that covers a wide range of topics, including basic vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and common expressions that can help learners develop speaking, reading, listening and writing skills in French.

Moreover, the series focuses not only on language instruction but also on French culture and history, making it a well-rounded resource for learners who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the French language and the culture it represents.

Additionally, the textbook series is designed to make learning French easy and accessible for beginners. The lessons are structured in a way that is easy to follow and understand, with clear explanations and detailed examples.

Overall, Indian schools may follow “Apprenons Le Francais” because it offers a comprehensive, structured, and accessible approach to learning French that can help learners develop fluency and confidence in the language.

Although the exact age at which a child can start using this textbook series may depend on their individual language learning development, typically children as young as seven or eight years old may learn to use the textbook effectively. Some schools may use this textbook with children starting from the age of ten or eleven.

The textbook series includes a variety of exercises, illustrations, and songs that are designed to engage and support learners of all ages, regardless of their level of prior knowledge of the language.

Children within the 7-11 age group are at an age where they can absorb new languages quickly and love the opportunity to learn something new. Therefore, learning French language orally through stories, games, songs and simple conversations that incorporate basic French vocabulary and grammar rules, as taught in “Apprenons Le Francais”, can be an entertaining way to encourage them to learn a new language.

The textbook series starts with basic vocabulary and grammar structures, and gradually progresses to more advanced levels, giving learners the opportunity to develop their language skills at their own pace.

Overall, “Apprenons Le Francais” can be a great resource for children who want to start learning French and for schools looking for a comprehensive French language program for elementary or middle school students.


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